CMX crashes Live 8.1.1

can´t open CMX in ableton live 8.1.1
when i open it, i get a crash of live. every time, even with complete empty songs!

my system:
mac pro 8core (3GHz, 24GB, Xeon)
snow leopard 10.6.2
live 8.1.1

works well in logic (9.1) on the same system

exept one thing:
when i use CMX in logic as an insert, there´s a lot of delay (latenz) even when CMX is set to “dry” (no effect). the instrument is not longer playable in realtime! why?

just saw that the 1973 EQ crashes ableton live too! :astonished: works fine in logic also! help!

edit 2
just read a ableton reply:

Hi folks,

a little bug sneaked into Live 8.1.1 causing problems related to the automatic assignment of AU plug-in parameters (VSTs are not affected).
While the problem is identified and a fix will be available ASAP, you can try this little workaround in the meantime, it requires an options.txt:

  • close Live
  • create a plain text file with the name “options.txt” in Live´s preferences folder:

user/library/preferences/ableton/live 8.1.1

  • copy the following text (including the minus at the beginning) and place it right at the beginning of the options.txt (top left corner):


  • save options.txt
  • start Live

seems to be a solution, will try tomorrow.