What's the difference between the demo and licensed versions

  1. Eliminates the 10-second nag screen and replaces it with a short thank you message displaying the registered name.

  2. A better nights’ sleep, knowing you’ve done the right thing.

That’s it. There is NO difference in audio processing or performance…the demo version is the same quality as the licensed version. We leave it up to you to purchase a license or remove the software after the evaluation period is over.



Hi Scott,
Checking out your cool plugins. How long is the “evaluation” period? do they not work after a week or so?


The evaluation period is 30 days.

They are absolutely uncrippled. The only difference is that after 30 days, you are technically violating the license agreement and starting to build up bad karma. That’s it. No tricks, no disabled plugins or features, no nothing. We just require that at the end of 30 days (or before, if you’ve made up your mind) that you either remove the plugins from your computer, or buy a license. We have no way to force you to do that, and frankly, no desire to go out there and hold a gun to anyone’s head via some technological booby-trap, so we just trust you guys to do the right thing, instead. It’s easier for us, and better for you, since copy protection that isn’t there can’t screw up your computer.


Just a word about your demos and full versions, after a change of license method of a nice company whichs synths I had used for 5 years (bought them with serial number, now they change to syncrosoft protection).
I wanted to add that I absolutely could shout WONDERFUL! all over about this method you use for your plugins. I’d say, just in case things wouldn’t go so well in the far future or so, better talk to your customers what there could be done to get the best for both sides than simply switching to those not so userfriendly methods like Steinberg or NI practice.
There are so many people that steal software, yes. But I trust or hope your and Reaper’s way will be successful. Well, and there are still many companies that trust their users, and give serialnumbers or no protection at all after purchase.

In a slightly more perfect world I’d say your users, the way they can afford it, had a bit of “responsibility” that this most userfriendly way works. Thus (I’m not rich, but…:wink:) I’d prefer to get told just in case people would only steal your wonderful plugins that prices would go up a bit or whatever (or that users should help a bit in spreading the word) so that this nice way of dealing could go on. Better than going all frustrated and using syncrosoft for demos or whatnot.

Cheers! I just will find out if i will buy for Reaper, or the “for all hosts” version. Hmmmmm…