What's next from Stillwell?


What’s coming next from Stillwell Audio?

it must be something very big :laughing:

Correct …its going to be a plugin that’s just one giant volume knob. But really, really huge. You might need a bigger screen.

Or a VSTi-version of this classic… hm… button?



Note it’s old, very ooooold. Pre-millenium.


hm, i`ve got two 22" screens, does this mean that i need two more ? :confused:

Well, that would be a start, but recommended spec is going to be that you need a 40 foot video wall running at a resolution in excess of 1,600,000 x 1,200,000. Now, these don’t actually exist yet, but that’s a failing of the hardware companies. Similarly, I’m not aware of any computer that can currently hold enough RAM to display the image. Still a great plugin though.

ok, i think i have ram enough to host two of this buttons

perhaps i can rent this video wall

but most importand to me, is a good hardware controller