Want to Redownload Schope

Hi i Bought Schope 1-2 years ago and would like to redownload it again
i have proof of purchase
My Order Number is Order redacted

Just download it from the product page. The evaluation version is the full version when your license is added.

You really shouldn’t post your order number in the forums - I’ve edited your post to remove it. The best way to ask for help with order fulfillment issues is to file a support ticket at https://support.stillwellaudio.com/ or by just emailing support at stillwellaudio dot com (which does the same thing).

@Top_Jimmy is right that if you just need to download a new copy of the plugin, but if you need to download a new copy of your key file, then I’ll need to reset your download link. I will resend your key links to the original email address it was ordered from - download promptly, as the link is only valid for seven days at a time (although it can be reset multiple times).