Unable to Register Spectro

After downloading Spectro file including the Key # to my Reaper plugin folder, the UI still shows that the product is unregistered. the plugin is usable but I would like it to recognize the key so that it is registered. Thanks

Please file a support ticket (see the sticky about support policy at the top of the forum), and include your order number and email address so I can find it and see what the problem is.

Also, did you read the FAQ thread about making your plugins registered? Nine times out of ten it’s something covered in that thread.


Thanks for the quick reply Scott! I did read the FAQ thread and I also filed a support ticket last summer, from which I never got a solution or a response. I purchased Spectro in conjunction with working through the ReaPower manual by Geoffrey Francis and only used it to complete the work assignments in the book, I then proceeded to Mixing Secrets by Mike Senior. I only recently thought about Spectro because I purchased another couple of Stillwell products recommended in the Mixing Secrets book and I have finally started mixing my project. It’s been a long journey. I don’t have the order # or anything, I didn’t keep it since I had the license key (my bad). I understand your policy and it’s not that big of a deal. But I must say that I am happy with the much improved customer service IMHO since last year. Thanks for your time.

Ah, bummer.

If it’s not too much trouble, can you open another support ticket and just put a link to this thread in the support ticket? Also include the email address you used when you purchased the plugin…I can track it down that way.

If there’s a problem with registration I can get you fixed up. If it’s a problem with the code of the plugin itself…schwa has to fix that for his plugins.