Transient Monster License Error

Hi , i 've bought transient monster all hosts license but it doesn’t register , it’s probably because my name in the webshop form is in non Latin characters. Can you help pls?

Sure thing…I’ll send you a PM because I need order number or email address or something other than “usernames” to find you in our system.

PM sent


Hmm…I don’t see any new PMs. Are you sure you completed sending it? You can always just email [email protected] and create a support ticket that way.

Never mind - I just searched through recent orders until I found one that had a name with a different alphabet. I reissued the order with the English transliteration of your name. You’ll get an email prompting you to “pay” for the new order, but it’s for zero dollars and you should just be able to click through the order without providing any other payment information - just confirm that what’s there is correct. When you submit the order, it will generate a new key file - just replace the old one with the new one and you should be fine.

Sorry for the delay.

1st Are you a bot ?
2nd Finally… after 9 days , i’ve already made a ticket more than a week ago with absolutely no response , i had to post in the forum just to get a reply for something that is your fault with how the license generator works and should have been fixed a decade or more ago.

No, I’m not a bot. You filed a ticket on the 29th of October, but for whatever reason, NO email notification was received on our end either, which is not typical. I found the ticket when I went searching for it, though. The only email I’ve received to date with your email address mentioned was the actual initial order notification.

So no, it wasn’t “a week ago” since you opened the forum thread one business day after you filed your ticket, although it is slower than we like to respond. Our apologies for that delay.

I see that you did process through the updated order, so you should have your updated key file link already from Fastspring. Did you replace your original key file with the new one, and did that resolve your issue?

Okay, I’m finding a bigger issue - I see other tickets that were created in your name and in others…evidently the email notification from our ticket system is down. :frowning:

I need to thank you for indirectly making me aware of this - I’ve got some plain old IT work to do, evidently.

No , i ve sent an email on Oct. 25th at [email protected] as per fast spring instructions before i made a ticket on your website support form which is a week ago. Saying your email doesn’t work is ridiculous. :lying_face:

You are aware that fast spring uses non Latin letter forms to fill so this shouldn’t happen to begin with.

But you answered that you 'll fix it “free of charge” , gee thanks, much obliged!!

Whether you choose to believe it or not or find it “ridiculous”, outbound emails are not going out from the Support portal. It seems to be caused by an upgrade in PHP version on the system which is causing TLS connections to the outbound mail server to drop before completing handshake. Inbound connections processing ticket creation from emails continues to work as normal since that’s processed through IMAP, not SMTP. The problem appears to have occurred around October 6. I have some troubleshooting to do - either reverting to an older PHP or upgrading the support portal software.

For the reference of those that find this in the future - the issue was a ca-certificates.crt file in the support system’s Docker container that had expired CA (Certificate Authority) certificates. Outbound email is tested and working now and we (and you) will get email notifications from the support system. Sorry about that!