Wow! I just discovered Tin Man a couple of days ago. Even though I am on a loaner machine, and will not be able to download and authorize the purchased version on my main machine for over a month from now, I am still going to go ahead and purchase TinMan right away just to demonstrate my support. This is FANTASTIC. The sounds I am getting out of playing my guitar thorough it are WONDERFUL. DRUMS sound magical as well. I’m thrilled!

When I return to my main system - I hope to connect multiple copies of TinMan up to the multiple output guitar (one output for each string) and see what happens…this should be amazing.

I would like to see a feature which would cause the resonators to be one octave higher than the detected pitch of the incoming sound - sometimes this is very useful with resonators.

Wonderful, wonderful stuff!

Keep it up!


Thank you sir!

Ooooooh nice idea, very nice indeed :smiley:

Or, better still, just a fixed Transpose knob allowing one to transpose the recognized notes up or down, say, 24 half steps. This would allow users to pull out particular harmonics in the sounds they are running through TinMan.