Threshold not working - Mac OSX Leopard 10.5.3

HI there,

First of all congratulations on all your plug ins… I’ve only discovered them recently but I admit to be quite impressed…

I d/l The Rocket yesterday to give it a try… and I installed the demo today… to use with logic 8.2

It looks quite good and powerful and I so wanted to try it on a beat that needed such a short attack time… (btw Nice idea the HPF on the compressor it’s a very useful feature)

so after playing for a while… I noticed that the threshold doesn’t do anything at and the only way to make it work is to push the gain of it to it the Zero Threshold) for it to do anything and even then it’s a bit buggy… I use on a Mac Pro 8core with logic 8.2 and Lepoard 10.5.3-


ugh…Logic, the bane of my life. :frowning:

Seriously, Logic is a great DAW, but I have more problems with compatibility with it than with all other hosts combined, I think.

I actually just posted an update not more than 10 minutes ago…can you re-download and test, please? If that doesn’t work, I’ll go buy a copy of Logic Express or something this weekend so I have something to test against.

Let me know…


HI Scott Sure I’m downloading it now and will have a go at it… will tell you tonight…


ok I tried on my Powerbook 15 on tiger 10.4.11 with Logic 8 and it works fine… everything works as it should… I will still try it on the mac pro and 10.5.3 and logic 8.02 and let you know.

Problem resolved!! it is a very nice plug in indeed cheers guys!!!