Sync setting

How do you know what the sync setting is Oligarc? I don’t see any readouts at all.

Well … you don’t. :confused: With tempo sync on, the LFO speed knob travel has 8 detents, which map to logical tempo sync divisions (in 4/4 time) of whole note, dotted half, half, quarter, half note triplet, eighth, quarter note triplet, and sixteenth.

I agree it would be more useful with meaningful captions (especially when automating), so I’ll add that at some point.

Thanks for the post!

No problem. If you don’t want to change the UI you could simply add little yellow help tags (for Mac anyway).

No 8th note triplet?

Sorry, I misspoke – the tempo sync settings, on their order on the knob, are:

whole note
dotted half
quarter note triplet
eighth note triplet