switching frequencies


is there any chance in future versions of vibeEQ to choose the frequence by clicking directly onto the parameterlabel (eg. 240Hz on the mid1) instead turning the knobs ?
it would be a big timesaver for me :confused:

btw. now that i have bought all of your plugIns i still need more of them, any news for the near future ?


First of all, thanks for the purchases!!!

Yep, we’ve got more stuff in the pipeline. We’d rather do fewer plugs and have them kick a** than throw a bunch of stuff out that’s just kinda “meh…”, so have patience.

I’ll keep your suggestion in mind for a future update, but I can’t guarantee that it’ll make it in there…depends on time available and other mundane issues. Definitely not a bad idea, though.


Hell Yeah :laughing:
(and please, don`t forget the manuals, hehe)

mh, nothing in version 2, perhaps in the next update :wink: