Spectro - Setting up PDC in FLStudio

To enjoy Spectro in all it’s realtime glory in FLStudio you have to manually set up PDC. To do this gets quite complex, if you have many plugins that have different latencies, but here’s a post I found that helped understand it (editted slightly):-

[i:88097]If you have 2 mixer tracks containing plugins with delays of 20ms (track A) and 50ms (track B), both routed to the master, then:
-track A should have a 50ms-20ms=30ms delay
-track B should have no delay
-all other tracks should be routed to a mixer track with a 50ms delay (can be set using the popup)[/i:88097]

[b:88097]EDITTED[/b:88097] (due to wrong information, now corrected :sunglasses: ): Of course if you are only using Spectro, or are not using any other mixer tracks, then you can leave Spectro’s mixer track as is - the delay ONLY has to be added to [i:88097][b:88097]other[/b:88097][/i:88097] tracks if you have them, [b:88097][i:88097]not[/i:88097][/b:88097] the track with the plugin that causes the delay. I found this quite confusing to get my head round. As long as you follow the above formula you should be okay.