Schope not showing up? Please help!

I am using a Macbook M1 with Monterrey 12.6.7. I recently bought this computer and it’s a major upgrade from my old Macbook. Migrating all my audio plugins and sessions have been a long and sometimes difficult process but so far I have successfully gotten everything working in this new mac, except for Schope. I used to think this plugin was free since I got it in 2016 in College, it came with our MacBooks as part of our launch program and we were using it in classes all the time so I got so used to it. I am now teaching and use this one all the time with my new students. So, I want some help, I installed it and looks good on my component folder and my VSTs folder. When I open logic it doesn’t show up. I already did a rescan of all my plugins and it took forever but didn’t show up. I tried deleting and re installing. That didn’t work neither.

Btw, I don’t know if I have a key for this and maybe that’s the problem? Although I am guessing it should still show up. Please help!

Schope hasn’t been updated to the Apple Silicon code yet. On an M1, it will only show up in a DAW running via Rosetta.

I believe Scott intends to get everything updated to run natively on Apple Silicon, but when that will happen remains to be seen.

Not 100% true, but close. It depends on the host DAW. If you’re using Logic, pull up the application properties (Cmd-I) and check the box to run with Rosetta, then launch Logic. You should be able to scan your plugins and find schOPE and it will appear. The neat part is this: if you then quit Logic and pull up the properties again and UNCHECK the box to run with Rosetta and re-launch Logic, the ‘Rosetta’ed’ plugin will now appear in native Logic.

You’re correct that we’re working through all of our plugins to get Apple Silicon native versions…schOPE is most definitely on the list to be upgraded.