requests for next spectro versions

Dear all
I’m a new owner of Spectro, that I will use u clean up so many files… Just got the complete version for some requests !
I have noticed the app does not work on Peak 6.0 (the latest version, as well as previous ones).
I have some special requests : would it be possible …

  • to set-up manualy some loop points ? I want this feature with the possibilty to export filter settings (equivalent to extending the squares horizontally on the x axis) ! This would be the only way to clean out some potential noise on incoming audio, after evaluating what’s wrong.
  • to resize the spectro window, being able to use a full-screen mode ?
  • resize the edit window vs. the overview window
  • use some pencils (with user definable width) alongside with actual squares, to edit audio content ?
    Kindest regards


also a stand-alone version would be great

bug report for existing one : does not work with Bias Peak (tested on versions 5 and 6 - latest), causing the host to crash

Hi, thanks for the post. I will definitely sort out Bias Peak compatibility (for all plugins) in the next day or so and release an update. I’d say all of your other suggestions are very good ideas and most of those features will probably be in Spectro 2. I don’t have any particular time frame for Spectro 2 yet though.

I’ve made some progress on Bias Peak compatibility. Please try whichever of these test builds you prefer, and see how it behaves: … … …