GIven that the 64 bit versions have not been completed, my support requests not answered, and my emails requesting a refund have gone unanswered, I’ve posting my experience with these issues. Scott, please honor my requests. Thank you.



Did you file under a different email? I’ve just searched my entire inbox and can’t find anything at all under the email this forum account is registered under, other than the two plugin orders you’ve purchased.

I’ve searched the help desk system, and there are no support tickets filed under this email address, nor under your first or last name.

I’m more than willing to help you out, here, but I hope you’ll pardon me if I can’t find your issues.


Thanks for your reply, Scott.

My emails have been sent using the Contact form over the past couple months.

My support posts on the forum are here:

Thank you,


PS: I’m still blown away by the sound of your plugins.

Thank you for your question about contact information. I don’t know what reply address I used to email you, however, as the website employs a contact form. I usually include my serial numbers in such emails, but it’s not possible for me to check.

I think that my contact form may be broken…I’m noticing I haven’t received ANYTHING from it in quite a while. It may have broken when I moved the website to a hosting facility. :frowning:

I’ll probably just remove it from the website…I got more automated spam from it than anything else.

At any rate…please open a support ticket, as has been standard process for over a year now. Whether we fix your issue or whatever, you need to open a ticket.