RegCode problem...

I purchased Shope, received the RegKey, save it to my HD, copied it to my VST folder… and Shope still says it’s unregistered. :open_mouth:
What’ up with that? Please advise.

Did you rename the file? It needs to be named 47225SCHP.key and sit in the same directory as the plugin .DLL.

scott goes and checks stuff

No, you’re right, it’s doing exactly what you say. I’ll have to talk it over with him. The keys get auto-generated here at my offices, but schwa codes and uploads his installers from another location. I expect there’s been a typo somewhere in his license validation code for that plugin or in the encryption key that I use at this end to generate the key and it should only take a few minutes for him to straighten out, once I get in touch with him.

Hang with us for just a few…we’ll either have a new installer that should accept your existing key, or a new key that will work with the existing DLL. I’ll do what I can to make sure it gets fixed pronto.



Thanks for the quick reply, I actually didn’t expect to hear anything till Monday. I know this is ‘all’ new stuff. No problem.

One small thing I just notice in the forum… the times are correct in the ‘index’, but in the posts the times are showing as “pm” instead of “am”. Thought you’d like to know.

Ahh…go to your User Control Panel and select your timezone. They show up fine in all locations here, as far as I can tell.

At the footer of each forum page it should say “All times are UTC - 6 hours [ DST ]” or some similar setting, depending on what YOUR timezone is set to in the User Control Panel.



Something’s goofy. The time on my PC is fine, my forum control panel is fine, the ‘main’ index page is fine, the ‘sub main’ index page (Schwa Plugs) is fine. In the area where our posts are, the date is showing up as August… and the times are still screwed up. It’s really no big deal for me, but I think there may be a ‘gremlin’ in your forum software. Later.

Here’s a screenshot…[attachment=0:45248]StillwellForum.png[/attachment:45248]

Hi Bluzkat,

Thanks for buying a license! There was a typo (one extra character) in the catalog listing that generates the key files for Schope. Scott is emailing you a corrected key, and the catalog listing has been fixed, so all future keys should be fine.

Incidentally, I noticed that the latest Schope build on the web site has a drawing artifact – one side of the border of the license screen persists after the rest goes away, which is unattractive. If you download the latest version from [url:bfbd7][/url:bfbd7], that’s fixed.

Thanks again, and sorry for any inconvenience.

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