Random RME question

Does anyone here

  • Use RME Audio interfaces
  • Use them on an Apple Silicon Mac
  • …and has switched to the new DriverKit drivers from the older Kernel Extension drivers

If so, have you had any problems with them? I use a Babyface Pro on my main M1 Mac mini, and the newer DriverKit drivers seem to have issues with audio dropout, but mostly only when using Safari.

The Kernel Extension drivers are rock solid, as they have been for years and years. I’m sure they’ll fix it eventually because they’re RME after all, but in the meantime I’ve switched back to the Kernel Extension drivers and called it a day. It really wasn’t that big of an issue (it ONLY happened if you played back a YouTube video in full screen mode in Safari) but it happened reliably IF you did that. Annoying enough that I reinstalled the older drivers and decided to wait for some sign that they got the issue fixed.