Oligarc phaser goes silent


I’ve been trialing Oligarc and got it to self-oscillate at the filter. Then I ran that through the drive and the chorus, and into the phaser. Then I set the phaser resonance to the max and messed around with a saw form of LFO 2 as the modulator of the frequencies.

There were some cool sounds but then the sound cut out. Switching off the phaser or turning its wet all the way to zero brought the sound back.

The DAW track shows that the plug-in is outputting sound, though. And on the master meter this also reflects. I’m just not hearing anything. But as I said, the audibility of the plug-in is tied to whether the phaser is switched on in this case.

Looking at it through Schope, I am seeing a frozen frequency spectrum. It’s not moving at all.

I hope someone can shed some light on why or how this happens. I’m trialing the VST version on Windows 11 in REAPER. In the VST3 version, the LFO rate knobs had trouble budging when sync was switched on, but this was better in the normal VST.