Oligarc crashes Orion 7.5

Hi, if I just use the presets Oligarc works fine. But if I manually change the parameters (move the knobs) it crashes my host. I will post as synapses site as well, see if anyone has this pluggin working.

We’ve had a few reports of problems in Orion, I had an email exchange with Jouni (Orion’s developer) a few months ago where I believe he identified something that needed to change in Orion, but I don’t know if that change has been released or not. I’ll drop him a line and see what’s what.

I’ve posted on the Orion site and Jouni is quite helpful, maybe he can come up with some thing.

I use it well in orion 7.5…

maybe your ver. not surport all function… maybe your ver. is trial… maybe…