Olga saving problems in AudioMulch

I’m finding that Olga will not retain it’s settings between one saved session in AudioMulch and the next on reload. I have tried saving the patch to an fxb and I have been unable to reload the sound and I also tried using the internal contraption presets within Mulch. Neither allowed me to retain a sound. I find that within Sonar the sound is retained in a saved document. Funnily enough however I also find that all other Stillwell and Schwa settings are retained within a saved AudioMulch document. I have reported this issue to AudioMulch (luckily my brother!) but am wondering whether there is something which differs between the Olga implementation and that of your other plugins which is creating this impasse. Any suggestions would be gratefully received as I’m trying to complete a live installation for a band currently touring on the other side of the planet. I had the sound I wanted and at present will probably have to revert to another option so I’m quite eager to locate the cause of this problem.

many thanks, cheers.


I guess this might be due to AudioMulch get/setting the data chunk for the program only, as opposed to the whole bank (the “index” parameter for the effGetChunk opcode controls this).