OLGA CPU issues in Logic Pro 9

Hi guys,

I recently attained the Olga demo with anticipation of purchasing this product however there seems to be a major processor usage issue. During a recent project I noticed my 2.33ghz Macbook Pro was constantly sky rocketing to 95+ degree’s Celsius and 100% CPU usage - to the extent that I could not play my tune for more than 5-10 seconds without a crash (System Overload Error).

I discovered after much trial and error that when removed the 5 instances of OLGA i had running in the project, the temperature went down 30 degree’s and CPU usage down more than 50%!

FYI I am running a very clean install of Snow Leopard 10.6.2 & Logic Pro 9.1.

Please let me know if you can recommend any solutions to this issue. Aside from the above, OLGA is a fantastic synth and I have really enjoyed the sound!