No sound, ever

after updating to sonar 8 it now works! :mrgreen:

LOL…I guess I just bought Sonar 8 yesterday for no reason!

Just kidding…I DID buy Sonar 8 yesterday, but not specifically for this issue.

Glad it’s working for you!


Perhaps I can shed some light on this problem.
For some reason TinMan doesn’t work in Sonar, if 64-bit double precision engine is activated (options - audio-general). Tested in Sonar 7, Sonar 8 and Sonar 8.5.2 (Windows XP SP3 x32)
Strange, because Sonar proves plug-in as capable of sending/receiving 64-bit data (displays doubled ticks in FXbin)

Tried the demo out using sonar 8.3… and had the same problem. Will try it out again using your suggestion… I couldn’t get it to work using the 64bit version of sonar on vista 64

All of our plugins are capable of accepting 64-bit data, and process internally using a 64-bit path even when accepting 32-bit data.

I agree 'tis very strange.


yep confirmed…

the only way to get tinman working is by disabling the 64-bit double precision engine (works when off!) odd though…

Thanks! I couldn’t get any sound out of Tinman either in Sonar X1 64-bit, on Windows 7 64 bit. I’ll try this suggestion and perhaps will become a happy Tin man!