No go with older Sonar?

I wanted to demo Bombardier and Rocket under Sonar 5, but all I could get is error with failure point at “Process Replacing”, I guess there is no way to make these work without upgrading DAW?

Not sure…our plugins are developed to the VST 2.4 standard, and it’d be pretty hard for it to crash in ProcessReplacing unless it’s being passed bad data. Does Sonar 5 have the ability to run 64-bit signal path? If so, try turning it on and see if it makes any difference.

Also, to verify…it was ProcessReplacing and not ProcessDoubleReplacing?


This version of Sonar is using VST adapter the error occurs at this point. I tried it again to see if this was “process replacing” for sure and this was the message, but this time I chose to ignore it and enable plugin anyway, which thus far always led to Sonar hanging when loading the plugin. However this time it works. I’m sorry, from my experience, I just never considered it an option.