Mono Problem with DP 7.22

"HI, it’s my first post on this forum. Actually I get this same issue with DP 7.21, maybe just a “display glitch”, but Stillwell Audio’s Bombardier compressor doesn’t seem to really like it; when I choose to apply the mono version to a mono file, I get this nasty alert: Mas Failure To Initialize Alert Box

and then,half the time, DP crashes…So I think that the problem is not really just in display. I had mail exchange with Scott from Stillwell Audio, he didn’t experience this problem before. So i’m thinking now of making an uninstall of DP, then install it again, and install plugins one by one and see…it’s giving me headache.

Yep it does that on my system as well…"

It happens here as well DP 7.22, OS 10.6.4, 2010 2.4 x 8 MP. Does the November Beta fix this? It has the same March 29,
2010 Created and Modified dates as the earlier release, but has a different size?