Major Tom in Sonar 8 not working.

Hello, im using windows vista 64 bit and sonar 8 64 bit, i downloaded major tom last week to try it. He was working fine and have a fucking great sound, but now i got a probleme, when i wanna use a major tom on a track after like 1 minute , the track stop play and sonar crash and tell me that major tom have a probleme whit Teleport server !? can some one could help me plz

Teleport server?

Any crash information that gets reported in dialog boxes or anything like that would be great if you can post it here.


He meant FX Teleport >>> and I having the same issue. Major Tom crashers hard. I’m running XP SP3 and Sonar 8. I did get a little further when I turned off the 64bit engine (I seem to recall and issue with one schwa plugs with the 64bit engine though fixed now). No crash info to be found. Things just lock up and I have to reboot. Maybe you already looked into but there is a demo on the site. FYI