M1 Support for Olga and other plugins

Hi there – is there any support for M1 Mac? Last time I tried to opened Olga on Ableton 11 it crashed at startup.

Thank you!

Full M1 support is in the pipeline - we’ve got several plugins done internally, although Olga isn’t one of them yet. I’ll have a look at that specifically in the next few days - there may be another intermediate update that may help you. For the most part, our x86 builds have been running quite successfully under Rosetta2, so I’m sort of surprised to hear that it just crashes.

Very glad to hear that M1 compatibility is in the works! I still use lots of your plugs in my day-to-day work, with 1973 EQ being one of my absolute favorite EQ plugins of all time. Looking forward to updated plugins! :clap:t3: