licence problem


last Jan I bought the Rocket, Event Horizon and 1973. A few days ago I saw the 2.0 Updates on your website, downloaded and installed them - but now my licences don’t work anymore, so I assume I may not have been entitled to the upgrade?

Do you have an upgrade policy, or any advice for me on how to fix this?

thank you.

You should be entitled to the new version…there haven’t been any changes to disable any licenses.

Can you please file a support ticket (see the stickied post at the top of the forum) and please include your original order number or at least the original name and email you purchased the plugins under?


I already filed a support ticket last week, but did not get a reply (apart from the automated response). Shall I file another ticket, or can you check on the one from last week? Thanks.

Ah, sorry…didn’t catch that. I’ll double-check. When you updated your plugins, did you JUST replace the .component / .vst ? There’s NO change to licensing code…


sorry, I found the problem. the installer installed them to the root directory, but I had created a vst/stillwell directory, where all my stillwell dlls reside. sorry for the hassle.

Ahhh, gotcha. Cool. Glad it was something (relatively) easy.