Is this an insert or send type of effect plug?

I just tried the CMX demo and I noticed as an insert effect, it sounds like it does too much to the signal, as well as cut some of the high frequencies (settings: width knob in the middle, 5-10% wet, and no color). Is that what it is supposed to do? am I not using it correctly? was this plug made to be used as a send effect?



Definitely an Insert effect - you can put it on a send if you like, but you should only ever send it one monophonic audio track, allowing the pitch detection to do its best and thereby maximise smoothness.

That said… it does sound like you’re not getting the correct behaviour; 5% wet should be very nicely subtle and the high frequencies shouldn’t be affected at all. Can I ask for some more info on the host you are using, and the type of audio you’re working on? If you could find the time to put together a clip of what you’re hearing, that would be really useful.

I am using C4, the latest version with a mac pro. I tried using it as a send effect at %100 wet with 50% color and I found that it maintained the clarity of vocals a lot better. Maybe it has something to do with the way Cubase is processing this plug. It seems like this version is slowing down my CPU a little as well, and I have an 8-core with 10GB ram.