Explanations on how it works


i’ve read the pdf for CMX but i still have questions about it :
i presume the numbers in the GUI are (from top left to bottom right) for left and right channels and for pitch shift and delay

If i want to use only Delay, i need to put 0 to both pitch shift channels ? right ?
and what are good delay settings for slightly enhance sound without phase/mono problems ?


The two top numbers are for the left and right pitch shifters. If you turn them down you have only the delay left. Longer delays are probably less prone to create funny effects, there’s no magic rule, just make sure you don’t have the two repetitions in a too narrow time frame. Turning off the high quality pitch shifter leaves you with a simple short stereo delay though, the whole point in having that pitch shifter is improving mono compatibility and sounding richer than just a delay.

Excellent, thank you
i’m going to test that…