Don't want to be a pain but....

I’ve had a support request in for two months now on Olga (not remembering parameter changes in MacOS) and nothing. I know you’re busy but can you let me know if anything’s happening?


I’ll remind him again…sorry. :frowning:


Hi, there is still no reply to this. It has been 5 months. Look, I love the synth, but could I please have some support, or at least a “we couldn’t reproduce the bug”?

Wow, 5 months…

I’m thinking about getting this synth and I’m running Mac OS 10.6.8. Does anyone know if this issue has been addressed yet? Thanks.

OK this has now been well over a year. No reply and the ticket seems to have vanished from my customer support page :frowning:

Sorry…if your ticket is gone it wasn’t intentional. I currently have a beta of 3.0 available that should work. If you’ll reopen a ticket I’ll get you a link to the current betas…I need to make a Mac build, I currently have Windows x86 and x64 builds out there. Just reference this post and your forum name in the support ticket.


Thanks for response, and I’ve done that. I would like to try the beta but I should mention the problem is in fact a Mac issue and I understand from yr post there isn’t a mac build as yet? Nice to know that something is happening though!

Just to keep the forum kinda current…there is a Mac beta build as well. When we get a few initial testers under our belts with positive resuls, we’ll consider opening it up as a public beta.


OK that seems to have solved the problem. Thankyou