delay comp problem in pro tools

Hi there,

I’m noticing an issue with PT8 when using CMX. (I’m using fxpansion vst-rtas wrapper on an HD system OSX 10.5.xx).

All delay comp gets removed when CMX is inserted on a channel, both on the insert channel and any aux/busses that the channel has sends to. This seems to only happen with CMX, other wrapped plugs are fine.

Is this a known issue at all?


Make sure that you have sufficient maximum delay comp set in HD…I think you get to specify how much it can compensate for…CMX uses somewhere around 4096 samples of latency, so if your buffer isn’t big enough, HD will choke.

I’m spouting this stuff from vague memory (not a big PT guy here), so pardon if I’m wrong…

Schwa may have more to say on the issue, but I thought I’d throw my $0.02 in.


Really nice plug :smiley:
In DP6.02 It act strange with ADC too.
When I insert it while playing back, I have a big (I mean BIG) delay, it’s like if ADC is completely out.
Stop playback and play again, all is fine.
It act the same when I remove the plugin while the song is in play.

Not a deal breaker for me but if you can fix that, it would be nice :blush: