CMX Bypass button is sticking in Cubase 11

I’ve just downloaded the trial of CMX, and it works great aside from one thing - the bypass button sticks on. In the manual it says it is a momentary button, but when I press it, bypass goes on and stays on, no matter what I do. The only way I’ve found to stop this is to remove the plugin and create a new instance.

I know I can just leave the button alone, but it’s handy to have - am I doing something wrong? Happy to record a screencast. I’m on Windows 10x64, running Cubase 11.0.30

Hmmm…this is the first time I’ve heard that reported. Does the plugin remain bypassed when you release the mouse, or is it just the graphical switch that’s staying in the ‘down’ position?

Hi. Yes, the plugin remains bypassed, and from the GUI the only way to stop the bypass button being pressed (and it being bypassed) is to change preset or delete the instance of CMX.

It responds properly to automation from Cubase - when automating CMX’s bypass that works correctly.

Happy to post a video if it helps.

No need for a video - you summarized it quite well and I know what you mean now. We’ll dig in to it.