2 PCs not enough


I’m really interested in buying a commercial Verbiage license, the only thing stopping me is the fact you only authorise use on 2 machines. In my studio I have two machines and then I have a laptop for mobile stuff so I’d require Verbiage on at least 3 machines. If this isn’t a problem I’ll go ahead and purchase ASAP, I don’t want to do the right thing just to have more bad karma hanging over my head :wink: I also want to make sure it’s going to work on 3 machines.

I’d like to commend you on your unique plugins and also your attitude towards evaulation copies, you guys really break the mould. The reason i like verbaige is because I can depth into sounds where a lot of other soft Reverb units can’t, the control over the reverb and the depth controls really give it that extra tweakability. I love it.

Thank you,