1.02 No Wheel Zooms

Well, notwithstanding the no-recall issue, I was certainly enjoying the mousewheel zoom in 1.04 and which is not available in 1.02.
Once you’ve used it… you don’t want to go back. :slight_smile:

Mousewheel zoom works for me in 1.02. Are you using the same host software? Some hosts will not pass the mousewheel through to the plugin.

Hi there,
I can see that the host is responsible.

Using Nuendo 4/32 and Cubase 5/64.
In N4/32 1.02 is not responding to mousewheel.
In N4/32, a jbridged 64 bit 1.01 does respond.

In C5/64, a jbridged 32 bit 1.02 does respond.
In C5/64 a Steinberg bridged 1.02 crashes.

A 64 bit Spectro in C5/64 does not respond.
A 64 bit jbridged Spectro in C5/64 does respond.

Conclusion - Steinberg hosts not currently playing ball with mousewheel.