The 64bit frustrated user ;-) (majortom / rocket problem)

Hi Scott,

Let me first say SORRY !!! for my mail explosion. It realy hits the wrong one here. I mean, instead of URS, UAD and Waves, who dont care about 64bit til today, your efforts in keeping your plugins up to date and to make them understandable for most people are realy astonishing and should be exemplary for the other ones. Especialy for this low price. You must know, that unfortunately majortom was the last straw. Maybe the mail would have been better adressed to Steinberg or Microsoft. I don`t know who of them is responsible for all the 64bit bugs. And i dont know how much the plugin developers realy can do within this maze, so … sorry sory sorry !

i tested both 64bit plugins before buying majortom (i still owned rocket), but not with my biggest Project of course. The little Project, in which both function well, contains the same VSTis as the big ones. The RAM was at 16% and the CPU (2,8 Core2Duo) at 5 percent (with yours and some other plugins). After loading my big project with 80% used RAM and 40% CPU usage and then loading majortom64, a window appears which has the dimensions of the Plugin, but instead of the GUI it contains the part of the former dektop surface, that it was opened above. And then my Mouse-arrow shows “working” for a long while, and when i click around the Computer crashes instantly. If i wait, it calms down, the GUI is still away, but i can remove the plugin and keep on working. To go shure, that it has nothing to do with Cubase peachy 32bit-bridge, i loaded the same 32bit plugins before majortom in the little fine project as i did in the big crashy one - everything o.k. ! The reason must be in the RAM Usage. Why should it have something to do with CPU ? I will test out the RAM usage stepwise to go shure.

Congrats to Bombardier ! Its awesome, just a bit too much limiting/leveling character for orchestral music, even in feedback mode (Thats why i prefered majortom.). But a perfect completion to your product line. By the way: i belong to the Reaperians, who advised you to make the 1973-Mid-Q wider. Well done ! :smiley:

Oh! I remember something: The little test-project was in 16bit, and the Big one in 32bit ffp. :confused: mhmh. I will check this out tomorrow.

best regards



I understand the frustration…we’ll do what we can to get things sorted out.

A few questions:

  1. Vista x64, and Cubase 5, correct? What service pack of Vista?

  2. When it crashes, do you get any message at all? If so, what message(s)?

  3. What other plugins are being used along with ours?

  4. Are you running the x64 or the x86 version of Cubase? If x64, can you reproduce the problem in x86?

I know, questions questions questions…but it’ll really help us to fix it (if it’s our problem), and help isolate where the problem REALLY is IF it is not ours.


I`m a bit bussy in the moment (family and so on). Here some informations about the System:

Core2Duo 2x 2,8
8 Gig RAM
Terratec phase 28 and 22 (synced, latest driver, 23 ms latency -> 1024 samples @44,1Khz)
Vista64 (up to date)
Cubase5 64bit (up to date, located in the correct non-x86 folder)

Plugins in the Project: latest EAST WEST PLAY64, latest Stylus RMX64, latest Kontakt 4 Player64, Nomad factory British EQ NEQ-1972 and Blue tubes PEQ2B, and the Cubase Channel EQ)
No messages when crashing !!!

When having more time, i will test out the problem.


Thank you!

Also, when it crashes, does Cubase just disappear and you’re back to the Windows Desktop, or does the entire machine freeze, or does it just power off? I assume it’s not blue-screening with a “STOP” code, or you’d have mentioned that.

Enjoy your time with family…seems like there’s never enough of it these days…


No, Cubase just freezes instantly ! Only the window frame of your plugin appears before, without GUI and the mouse shows to be bussy ! And if i click then too much around, the Task Manager adds the entry “(Keine Rückmeldung)” (no feedback) behind the process. And i only can end the whole Cubase then, because “wait for the program” never functioned ! Steinberg announced an Update for Cubase5 this summer, also containing VST-bridge-bugfixes. I have to say that Cubase 5 64 is realy buggy, also with other 64bit plugins (e.g. Uniquelizer LE 64). The only troublefree 64bit plugins until today are the VSTis, that i still named and Reverberate64. Troublefree bridged 32bit Plugins are: everything from nomad factory, The old T-Racks Plugins, buzzroom plugins and every old stuff from steinberg (magneto, The Grand, VST-Dynamics …). Stuff from URS causes crashes if you open and close the plugin-window too fast and UAD-Stuff instantly crashes the whole system in every case. Lets see, what the Cubase-Update will bring.

Anybody here wants to have a new bought UAD-1 ? Oh god …


If you try to use the 32-bit versions of our plugins with the bridge now, does it work any better? Worse?


made another strange experience with Majortom. This time in a project with RAM 68% loaden. The first instance funtioned well, a second on another channel showed the described GUI-problem, after closing both and reload the first instance also this one had the problem. If you subtract the RAM, that Vista needs to run from the 68% of 8Gig, we are almost exactly at the 4Gigabyte border, where RAM adressing changes. But thats just an idea !
Also tried both 32bit plugins with the 32bit-Bridge in Cubase5 64. There was absolutely NOTHING shown and it directly causes a crash.

I guess thats all an act of Sabotage made by Apple. :smiling_imp:

I’ve got the exactly same problem and I can reproduce it: It seems to be related to the RAM-usage of the main-DAW-process. Once it climbs above ~2 GB the described issues happen (blank GUI)
See the detailed bug report in the REAPER forum (not sure if it’s a DAW-issue anymore since people here report the same problem in Cubase):

Hi Scott (sorry for double post!),

I still have exactly the same problem with Cubase 7.0.6 (64bit) + Win7 x64 + I7core.
The problem occurs as soon as you try to insert one of your plugs into an advanced project (by advanced project I mean whith a certain amount of charge).

I can say that EXACTLY the same behaviour occurs with IMAGE LINE sawer x64 (v1.2), and with NOVATION Bass Station x64 (v2.0). Something interesting to point: IMAGE LINE SAWER crashes cubase 7 like all your plugs (as I said) but IMAGE LINE SYTRUS has a normal behaviour :wink:

Hope that will help.