Schope Plugin Downloading issues

I’m having a problem with the Schope download. I have read through the instructions thoroughly. When I go to download the evaluation plugin, it directs me to this page:

I just bought the license for $27, and downloaded the key file and saved it to my hard-drive. But I can’t seem to download the actual installer.

Okay, first things first. Go to the schOPE product page and then hold down the shift key and then click the page reload button on your web browser. After that, try your download again. Wordfence is thinking you’ve been hammering the download button a bunch and that may be triggering the block. It’s also possible that another user behind the same proxy or coming from the same IP address is doing something like that.

If you get the same error again after shift-reloading, just wait for a few hours and try again. The block should remove itself after a while.

If THAT doesn’t fix it, go to our support page and open a ticket - we’ll find an alternate way to get the installer to you.