Schope Install..Again Mac, Logic 8


I just downloaded Schope. Used it on a friends computer and I loved it. I actually bought it as well, so I have the key in my E-mail.

Using 2 X 2.66 Ghz Dual-Core Xeon Mac and Logic 8.

I’m fairly new to Logic 8 and have not installed plugins in it before. I use Protools as well, but I understand that AU and VST will not work in PT without a FXP Wrapper etc.

At the risk of appearing like a TOTAL IDIOT, can you please tell me how the install works if I ONLY plan to use this in Logic?

I have the folder with the plug component, the Read Me and the Manual. I have the key code in my E-mail. I have tried putting the FOLDER in HD/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components. I have also tried the FOLDER in User/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components.

I have moved the CONTENTS of the folder out of the folder and put all the components in the user library under User/Library/Audio/Plugins/Components – whichI THINK is what the Read Me file says to do.

When I open a Logic session and try and open the Schope plug, I get:

Failed to load Audio Unit, please contact the manufacturer for an updated version or further assistance.

I have attempted to find a basic install protocol in the forums and have not found any. I can’t even get the window to open for the plug in a session. I’ll also probably need help authorizing, since I appear to be pretty inept. : )



GOT the problem solved,

The fact that the Mac thinks that the “.key” attachment in the authorization file is a “Keynote” software presentation file instead of the authorization code is a bit confusing.

Cool Plugin

Can I ask what was the problem or solution here?