There you are in podcast history.

I saw that on Sunday! Nice! I’m pumped that they gave such a nice recommendation, even though they got their hands on an “unnoficial” beta.

Just wish they hadn’t emphasized “free” so much (since they’re NOT).

Free to download, yes.

Free to demo, yes.

Free to use forever? Not.


That was me that told them about them. They always say Free…! like that. However, you should contact them and do an interview- it would be cool to hear your thoughts. You will be getting my registration for some of these very soon. Vibe EQ is very cool- it is the first plugin EQ where I can really hear that there is something different from my Ren EQ. I am also really loving event horizon. Just waiting to get paid for the project, then the reg is coming! Thanks for making such great plugs and for marketing them the way you do, it really lets a user make sure they work for them before buying.

Boy, those guys are… shall we say “funny”?
What goofballs.