Minor Rocket and Bombardier bug AU.

Turning the oversampling/decadence options on via the GUI does not seem to take, at least according to the editor view. However, doing the reverse (selecting those options in the editor view) does seem to take when you switch back to the normal GUI. I am hoping this doesn’t mean the decadence option hasn’t been functioning at all this whole time! BTW, I’m a registered Rocket owner and just demoing the Bombardier for the first time now. Great work - hope you keep making compressors!

What platform are you using? I’m trying it in Logic 9.1 and can’t get it to fail…whether I change it on the Controls view or the GUI view, the other view shows accurately where it’s set.


9.1 / 10.5.8. Rocket has had this issue for me from day one, starting from Logic 8.02