Major Tom and the latest Cubase 64bit 5.5.0 (edited)

The new Cuabse 5.5.0 update came out, and the good message is: ALL UAD PLUGINS ARE PERFECTLY BRIDGED ! WOOOOOW ! Apulsofts ApQualizr as well !
Of course i instantly tried out Stillwells 64bit hot plugins too, and therefore choosed a project with 82% of my 8 Gig RAM loaden. The Rocket (64) and my favourite Major Tom (64) still have the GUI problem described in topic “The 64bit frustrated user” - (No GUI, No Functionality) (Plugged in same slot and situation).

The first time, only the Rocket was running in this project (i don´t know why), but all the next times both had the same bug again.

A little comfort: Nomad Factorys British Bundle64 and All-Tech EQ64 both have almost the same problem with too much RAM used, but instead of GUI Problems, they are crashing Cubase.

looking forward