JS Stillwell Major Tom Sidechain Question

Firstly - I love your plugs in Reaper - period.

I have noticed that if I insert JS:stillwell/majortom on any given recorded track and change the input detection to sidechain that the overall gain is immediately boosted. Why is that? It sounds great but am wondering what technical characteristics I am unfamiliar with.

Thanks in advance,


If the plugin is providing gain reduction and you switch to sidechain, it’s probably because there’s now no signal to the detector, and it’s no longer compressing. Sidechain is looking at a different signal to determine how much to compress. If you haven’t set REAPER to route a signal to input pins 3&4 of the plugin, turning sidechain ON effectively turns the compressor OFF, and it just passes signal unchanged.

If I’ve misunderstood your question, sorry…please give me more detail and I’ll try again.


That sounds logical but it appears to increase gain without my setting the compressor at all - i.e., everything set at default and 0 makeup gain. I’ll need to double check - but I think you’re right. Thank you - more later - if I’m not misleading myself.