i/o routing in Tracktion

Hi Scott

I really think you’ve friggin nailed it with this one. :open_mouth: For the longest time I’ve been looking for a useable character comp that behaves and sounds like this one. Early evaluation but I’m just loving it. I don’t see how I can not buy it!

One thing I have noticed… in Tracktion for PC, if Rocket follows a “mono” plug (with only 1 I/O, for instance any Sonalksis mono plug) it only passes audio on the left side.

Major Tom does this also, but Event Eorizon (+ plus), Vibe, 1973, Badbuss don’t do this: they pass audio left and right when following a mono plug.

At the moment I’m working around it by placing a FreeG stereo before the Rocket.

Also, just want to enquire why you’ve chosen to not put bypass switch’s on the plugs? Of course they can still be disabled but I often like to automate plugs on and off.


Actually it may be a Tracktion3 issue. I run into this every time I use Melodyne Plug-in on a mono track (albeit I am on a Mac). Same thing…audio only passes through to the left side. Panning with the fader makes no difference and the audio volume is literally reduced by half. I finally resorted to making a patch with MDA’s Stereo plug to bring the signal back to center and raise the volume up to match the original unaffected audio clip’s volume and panning. On the Mac side of things, this bug is only the tip of the iceberg with T3. Honestly, T3 is pretty buggy in its current incarnation. Hopefully Mackie will release a bug-free version soon (for both platforms).