Hi, thank you and um, RTAS event horizon?

Hey Scott et al,

First off thanks for your great work. Event horizon is, to me, an essential plugin. I use it on all my drum channels (post fade) and on my masterbus. It’s the main building block of the sound of my mixes. Has been for years now, and I’m a proud licence owner. I used it on the mix and mastering for ‘The Joy Formidable’ track ‘Endtapes’ on the 'Twilight’ movie soundtrack… :slight_smile: - Even use it live for them on an outboard pc…

Which leads me to my next question… I know you’re beta stage for a couple of your plugs on rtas… I’m just about to make the move to Protools after years in cubase and reaper. I’ve tried loads of other soft clippers and none of them do quite the same awesome job as EH. Slate Digital comes closest, but is still awful compared and massively more expensive!

Dude I need your plugin! Are you planning an RTAS version? Obviously i know you’re always up against it timewise but I’d gladly pay a premium licence fee for this and I think others would too. (PT users are used to nice high prices!)

Once again thanks for your great work.

You know that RTAS is pretty much becoming dead real soon?

But there’s always AAX, isn’t there? Hmmm…