Great Graphics & Sound

Just checked out you guys today ( I just found out about you ). Olga tempted me and I must say it sounds amazing!

I also wanted to congratulate you on the design of your plug-ins. Graphically they are superior to anything else out there. As an artist and graphic design graduate…they have a unique look. I can’t quite put my finger on it… there’s an exaggeration going on at some level with them… they have a ‘cute’ factor, an ‘ugly’ factor, but also a very cool factor as well. Kinda like old school technology on acid. Even your descriptions are quirky, odd and funny, like me.

From the Olga Manual…

I F’n Love IT!!!

Anyways, real happy here that I found you guys. In some kind of strange way, it feels right here. Olga fits in to what I’m doing, the sound I want…will of course be buying it as well as most of your other dru - er I mean plugs.

Question : I am assuming that if I purchase the VST version I will also get the AU as well? I use both Cubase and Logic.

Many thanks! Keep up the great work and give high praises to your art director!

Thank you sir! Its always nice to hear when people ‘get’ what we’re about… shocking I know, but there are a few people out there who don’t ‘get it’ at all, and they always let us know :slight_smile:

You betcha - when you purchase you will receive a key file that registers the trial versions. So, download and install the trial versions you need and put the key file in same folder as you put the .component and/or .vst file.

You just did …many thanks :smiley: