Can't expose all 4 input channels in Sonar 8.5

I’m hoping someone might be able to help. I’m having trouble routing to all four of Schope’s input with Sonar 8.5.

Example: I insert Schope as a VST Effect in Channel 1. I then create an effect send for channel two. When I get a context menu asking which input I would like to route the send to, as far as Schope is concerned, I only have one choice and that is “Schope(Input 2)-Audio”. Any further attempts to route additional sends from other channels only show “Schope(Input 2)-Audio” as the only option.

I have read through the Sonar 8.5 help file and found this:
“By default, a multi-channel VST plug-in always exposes the maximum number of input channels it supports. You can limit the number of sidechain inputs that Sonar displays for any given VST plug-in” … “Note: The default value is the maximum number of mono input channels as exposed by the plug-in. The valid range is from 2 to the maximum number of channels exposed by the plug-in. With a value of 2, SONAR will not display any sidechain inputs for the plug-in. With a value of 4, SONAR will display 1 stereo sidechain input, ect.”

I followed SONAR’s instructions to increase the amount of Max Used Inputs (default was 4). While I am able to decrease the amount of inputs, I am unable to increase it.

Some odd behavior that may help:
The channel on which Schope is first inserted uses Schopes 1st and 2nd band (White and Red). No matter if that channel is stereo or mono. The channel send that is assigned to Schope Input 2 uses only the 3rd band (green) No matter if that channel is stereo or mono. Edit: I checked again and discovered that this last statement is incorrect. Schope Input 2 will use only the 3rd band (green) when the channel is set to mono or Schope will use the 3rd and 4th band (green & blue) when the channel is set to stereo.

I’m confused. Hopefully I’m just going about this the wrong way and there is an easy solution. Any ideas? I have some screen shots that may help but the 256 kB upload limit would not allow me to post them here. I would have to email them. Thanks.

I haven’t used Sonar 8.5, but it sounds like Sonar is labeling the first (main) stereo input pair as 1 and the second (sidechain) stereo input pair as 2. You may be limited in that context to graphing one stereo pair (main white/red) against another (sidechain green/blue).

If you create a stereo send to what Sonar calls “Schope input 2”, and send a true stereo signal through it, do you get the green and blue channels showing in Schope, or just the green?

It seems that this is correct. I am able to route 4 seperate channles by creating 2 aux stereo bus’, inserting Schope on one of them, routing an aux send to Schope on the second. I then hard panned channel 1 left and hard panned channel 2 right and routed both of them to aux bus 1. I did the same for respectively for channel 3 and 4 to aux bus 2…and it works…all 4 bands. Though this is fairly cumbersome. It will be worth a check on the SONAR forum to see if it is possible to change the behavior of SONAR 8.5 demanding 2 inputs for each sidechain. I’ll post any findings here.

When sending a true stereo signal to “Schope input 2”, i get the green AND blue channels showing in Schope. This is contrary to my prior post so I have edited it. Thanks for your help. :smiley: