Bridged 32-bit plugins coming up "unregistered"

I’ve been using the new J-Bridge for Mac to run a few old 32-bit VST plugins in 64-bit Studio One v2. I’m running into a problem with all the Stillwell and Schwa plugs – my license files aren’t being recognized. This happens whether the license files are in the regular VST folder or copied to the special Bridged VSTs folder that J-Bridge creates.

Other 32-bit bridged plugins that use license files (112dB Redline Reverb, GSi VB3 and MrRay73 MkII) don’t have this problem – I simply left the license files in the VST folder and they were recognized.

Any way around this?

Best solution would be for all Stillwell/Schwa plugs to be 64-bit, but in the meantime… And the be honest, lack of communication about Schwa (not Stillwell) plugs has me convinced that 64-bit updates are never gonna happen – which really hurts, since TinMan is one of my secret weapons, and I NEED to keep using it, even if I have to run TinMan on tracks in a 32-bit host, bounce them and import into a 64-bit host (PITA to say the least).

Thanks for any help you can give on this.

First I’ve heard of this problem…you’re SURE the key file is where the plugin is? Not where jbridge creates some other proxy plugin, but where the actual VST is? Our code WILL try to find the key file, and it should definitely be looking in the same directory where it is loaded from. If there’s more than one copy of the plugin out there, make sure the key file is present in all locations.


Scott, you just made a lightbulb go off over my head…

I had moved the VST plugins to be bridged into a special folder in the main VST folder – copying the license files into that folder did the trick.

So – user error! Sorry… :blush:

Ah, cool…I thought it would have to be something like that. Glad it’s sorted. :slight_smile: