BadBussMojo 1.52 Update

Following feedback from a number of users, BadBussMojo now has a new control - the output gain knob. This is a free upgrade, and is waiting for you HERE. Enjoy!

Hello, I am using a BBM’s evaluation copy in Live 7 for some time now. I want to buy commercial use license as I ended using it alot, but I have a problem, when I change the parameters of a BBM the changes affect other BBMs in the same or different track in the set. Is this problem solved with new version released? Thank you.

Download it and try…I’ll have to say, though, that I haven’t seen this problem anywhere else before. I’ll try to reproduce it here.


Yes! No problem with the new version, thank you! May i suggest a new fuction to a perfect plug-in? In order to get from BBM crossover distortion (in some plug-ins “dumping”) I split audio into two identical channels then add phase reverse to the one and a BBM to the other. This way I get the difference of the two channels, hard saturation (no gain) gives crossover distortion. I find crossover distortion very usefull before (or after) saturation especialy with drum sounds to get a gated-like sound. Please consider adding this crossover distortion function to BBM. More people will benefit from a (for some reason) not very popular but (in my opinion) very useful tool. Thanks again.