Backing up plugin registration in case of a crash/migration

Hello Stillwell,

Seeing as the registration file only works for a few days and is not bound to some account, I’m wondering how to take precautions for a system crash and keep the plugins in their registered state.

Will it work if I simply back up copies of the VSTs that have been switched to the registered versions? Will those still function as registered if I copy them over to a new system? Also, would I have to back up the key files along with them?

Or maybe I should keep the order number handy, and ask for a reset of the download links in case of this?


P.S. My gratitude for Oligarc; I’ve probably made the annoying filter sweep face a lot more than your copywriter would tolerate.

Slight correction: the key file download links are only valid for seven days AT A TIME…they can be reset by us or by Fastspring at any time, at which point they’re again valid for another seven days. The file itself should remain safe on Fastspring’s systems indefinitely.

That being said…all you need to do is keep a copy of the downloaded .key file in a safe place, and if you need to recreate your installation, just download a fresh copy of the plugin(s) from the website, and copy the saved key files into place alongside the plugin(s) after you’ve reinstalled.

The plugin is the plugin…there’s no registered/unregistered version - it’s the presence of a key file that makes the difference.

There’s probably a twelve-step program for annoying sweep filter face, somewhere… :smile:

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