Any chance of Mac versions?

New member here…I’m reallllllly interested in the Stillwell plugs as I’m basically just tired and bored of my Waves bundle. Only problem is: you don’t have a Mac version!

Boggles my mind since Macs are superior to PC when it comes to any kind of media production. There is a reason they are industry standard, yanno?

Anyway, I didn’t come here to dog on PCs, I have a PC at home too and use it for a lot of things. But I want to know if there is even the slightest shred of possibility for a Mac version of the Stillwell plugs. What would it take to make that a reality? I can probably hook you (Scott) up with a Mac developer, basically to help convert all your plugs to the OSX platform. My friend owns the entire set and I love these things, I want them! Haha.