A question about The Rocket (and your other FX)


First, I have to say I’m totally blown away by the sonic quality I get with your plugins. I own some Waves bundles and have an UAD card with great plugins (la2a, la3a, 1176ln, and more) and I whas expecting Waves and UAD to totally blow away your plugins… but I have to admid I whas totally wrong. It’s the same quality if you ask me! Infact, I have the feeling I don’t need an UAD-2 anymore, because I can easily replace my UAD 1176LN (my favorite compressor from UAD) with The Rocket… it’s totally amazing!

All the time I try something new (that is not totally expensive like Waves or Sonnox or UAD) i get the feeling it’s just some standard code, like synthmaker. I would love to know how you made the plugins. Did you use standard code or did you write it totally from the ground?? Does it have code from synthmaker or something similar??

Hope to hear from you!


No, we don’t use Synthmaker or Synthedit or any other such tool. All of our plugins are hand-coded in C++ using the Microsoft Visual Studio compilers for PC VST plugins, and Xcode’s version of the GCC compilers for Mac OS X AUs and VSTs.

There ARE lots of plugins out there that are based on Synthmaker, Synthedit, Max/MSP, or other DSP design tool, but there are plenty more out there that aren’t. You’ll see lots of plugins written in C++ or C, as well as a number written in Delphi (Object Pascal with Borland’s extensions).

Thanks for asking, and hope this answered your question…


Thanks for your answer!

I have been doing some more testing and I really like most of your plugins. It’s only your reverb that, in my opinion, has a hard time competing to Dreamverb and Plate140 from UAD or the Rverb from Waves for example.

But I’m going to buy allmost all the plugins, that’s for sure!! And if you could make a reverb on the level of Dreamverb/Plate140/Rverb, you would totally be my hero, because I could sell my UAD cards and I don’t need to buy a new UAD-2 !!! :smiley:

Sorry for being off topic, but can we expext to see you develop more plugins?? (like an amazing API560 EQ :mrgreen: )

Absolutely I’m not done yet…I have more plugins in mind. I can’t really comment on which plugins I’ll develop in what order, but you can be sure there will be more in the future.